ARC DEHOOKER, INC (ARC) extends its sincere gratitude to all of these Icons in the fisheries for their kind words!

Keith Lockwood

"Your dehooker really saved the day. My wife and I were bottom fishing up in the Florida Panhandle out in the Gulf. My wife hooked what she thought was a good fish but it turned out to be a juvenile Kemps Ridley sea turtle; which had swallowed the hook. My wife was extremely upset since she has a warm spot in her heart for sea turtles. Thank goodness I always carry one of your old Deep Throat Dehookers(NOW ARC DEHOOKER) from when we used to promote your product back here in Maryland in the early 90's. Well there is nothing like having the right tool for the job! The hardest part of the job was to get the turtle to open his mouth; but once he did I was able to remove the hook quickly. Your dehooker turned a tragedy into a "problem solved"; my wife was happy, I was the hero and the turtle swam off none for the worse. I'm so happy to see your Dehooker showing up in stores and even on Florida fishing programs on the TV. Congratulations, I know it has been a long hard road for you to get your product promoted to the public. I really would not consider going fishing without your Dehookers."

Glenda Kelly

Fisheries Scientist/Biologist (IGFA) International Game Fish Association (2003) (Glenda) "OH! I had to get the catfish! I had to get the catfish! Nobody wants to touch a catfish." (Rodney Smith) "People get hurt, how many stories have you heard about people getting hurt when releasing a catfish." (catfish is released with a Sportsman Dehooker). (Glenda) "That's Cool." (Shawn) "That catfish is going to grow up someday and get caught again, by you!" (Glenda) " I just as soon it stay in the water. Although getting it out with a dehooker was great."

Captain Rodney Smith

Coastal Angler Magazine - Publisher of Coastal Magazine, Author of Catching Made Easy and member of the Emmy Award-Winning Sun Sports Florida Fishing Report, FOWA member, Fishing Guide (2007) "Hands down this is the most important tool that all anglers should have in their boat or tackle bag. For years we out fish other anglers and guides because of this tool. I don't understand why everyone doesn't own and know how to properly use it. If you're not using an ARC Dehooker, you're not catching as many fish as you could be!

Take my word for it; buy and learn how to use an ARC Dehooker and you will catch more fish!

Steve Sloan, (2003)

"Robert Arrington on the fish, Steve Sloan watching, and Shawn filming. Were going to have a roll reversal in a few minutes, were going to have a little cross releasing. Were working on the dehooking devices today to release fish, which is a great concept. Not only does the dehooker work on big fish, what this, (hook removed from baitfish) in the well Manwell, I wouldn't have believed it."

Jim Donofrio

Executive Director (RFA) Recreational Fishing Alliance (2005) "The RFA has entered into a strategic partnership with ARC to help promote the use of their innovative hook removing tools. Here's why. We love to fish. That's why we're members of the RFA. In fact, as RFA members our concern for the sport and its future probably runs deeper than most because we have made the effort to get involved with an organization that works to protect fisheries while ensuring our right to fish. What makes the ARC Dehooker so interesting that the RFA have gotten behind the product to help introduce it to anglers? It is about as unbreakable as a hammer, as complicated to use as a screw driver, removes circle and J hooks that are located inside, outside or deeply embedded in a fish, and it can do it without ever having to touch the fish and in most cases without having to remove it from the water. And best of all, its inexpensive enough that any angler can afford to have the one that fits his fishing needs the best. Now think about the impact a tool like this could have on post release mortality figures if enough anglers got them, took a few minutes to learn how to use it properly and then made using it part of their fishing routine. If we could reduce the release mortality of striped bass from 8- to 4-percent wed save close to three quarters of a million bass the first year and as the stocks continue to rebound, even more each year in the future. Talk about conservation, this is not small potatoes." industry, I had the opportunity to release numerous loggerhead, leatherback and Kemps riddley sea turtles. These dehooking devices released hooks from the body, flippers, mouth and throat of the sea turtles without touching them and while leaving them in the water."."

Carl Safina, PhD

Blue Ocean Institute "I'm about to wrap up my 1996 fishing season in Montauk and wanted to tell you how important your de-hookers are. I have all three styles, and use them on everything from striped bass to tuna to sharks. I would not consider untying my boat from the slip without my de-hookers on board. They are as much a part of my fishing tackle as my rod and reels. I often take a fish or two home to eat, but when I'm releasing fish I want to know that they are in good shape, not trailing a leader or with a hook stuck in it's throat. It is a great feeling to have fun catching and releasing fish without ever touching them or taking their head from the water. In particular, it is great to catch large sharks and remove the hook, even hooks that are out of sight well inside the sharks mouth or throat, and release the fish knowing that it will not be suffering any ill effects. Everyone should have several of your de-hookers with them whenever they start the boat's engine."

William J. Goldsborough, Ph.D

- Fisheries Scientist - Chesapeake Bay Foundation "As a result of your visit last month and first hand demonstration of the Deep Throat Dehooker ( NOW ARC DEHOOKER), I am now convinced of the value of this innovative tool. All conservation oriented anglers should view this tool as a GODSEND, because it solves the persistent problem of what to do with gut-hooked fish. As long as people fish there will be gut-hooked fish returned to the water. The rule of thumb has been to cut off these fish and hope the hook will break down and be expelled. Even as people like myself have advocated this practice over the years, we have felt it was inadequate. Until now there has been no better alternative, and a lot of fish have probably been wasted. Thank you for developing the Deep Throat Dehooker. It is a significant contribution to fisheries conservation. Anyone fishing with hooks should have one."

Sonny Gruber

Professor - University of Miami - Rosentiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science - Division of Marine Biology and Fisheries "I want to express my sincere gratitude for introducing me to your dehooking devices. Ever since I began collecting sharks for study with large hooks in the 1960's our goal has been to release each animal, unharmed after inspecting or tagging it. But with certain species such as the tiger shark, we had persistent, potentially lethal problems: about 10% of these animals swallowed the hook which became lodged in the throat or esophagus. We have tried to devise mechanical unhookers from time to time, but the results were not very satisfying. The other problem is that, in order to remove a mouth hook, we have to put our hands close to the live sharks slashing teeth: always a bit unnerving. Both of these problems were solved with your Dehooker! We greatly appreciate having your "life saving" device in our inventory of shark collecting gear and do not check our lines without it."

Howard J. King III

- Recreational / Commercial Fisheries - Maryland Department of Natural Resources - Tidewater Administration "The continued success of catch and release fishing, and the ability to release angled fish unharmed, depends upon an effective hook release tool. Your Dehooker has proved to be an effective tool on large and small fish. I recently had the pleasure of demonstrating the Dehooker to charter boat captains in releasing black drum weighing fifty pounds and over. The tool and technique work beautifully, and they eliminate the previous practice of netting, bringing the fish into the boat, and wrestling the hook out of the fish. I would urge anyone fishing with single hooks, and especially with bait, to have a Dehooker at their side."

John W. Foster, III

- Recreational / Commercial Fisheries - Maryland Department of Natural Resources - Tidewater Administration "I have been using and promoting your Dehookers as the most effective tool I have used for removing single hooks from any place in the fish's mouth and esophagus. The Dehooker allows for easy and rapid hook removal, enhancing a fish's chances of survival after release. Based on research by Maryland Fisheries Division's Fish Health Laboratory, we are recommending that all hooks be removed from the mouth and esophagus of fish. We found that hooks left in the fish's gullets do not rust out or fall out as popularly thought. There are indications that there may be a high degree of latent mortality associated with hooks left in fish. Hence, removing a deeply placed hook in an efficient and timely manner is imperative as our fisheries management requires more releasing of fish and greater emphasis is placed on catch and release fishing. The Dehooker hook remover is an excellent and simple tool which helps anglers to release fish with an excellent chance of survival."

Michael L. Parrack, Ph.D.

"I commend you on your excellent product, the Deep Throat Dehooker (NOW ARC DEHOOKER). It is extremely effective, well made, and a durable device marketed at a critical time. American Atlantic coastal fin fish resources have been and are continuing to be depleted at an alarming rate. It is beyond question that the only significant source of the depletion for most species is removals by fishing... Although creel limits have had a positive effect in some cases, due to the immense and quickly growing number of recreational fishermen, devices that release fish unharmed offer the only viable way to guarantee the perpetuation of sport fishing to our increasing population... Your product approaches the problem directly by preventing hooking death in almost all, if not all cases. I personally have successfully released, without harm and without a single failure, numerous coastal species including groupers, tunas, snappers, barracuda, mackerels, trigger-fish, and many more others. It is clearly an outstanding device. The Dehooker uniquely releases fish unharmed without removing them from the water. Again, I commend you on your excellent product and recommend and endorse its use by all."

Keith Lockwood

- Maryland Department of Natural Resources - Tidewater Administration - Cooperative Oxford Laboratory - Letter to Kent Nelson - North Carolina Fish and Wildlife Commission "I enjoyed talking to you on the phone about your catch and release fishery for striped bass on the Roanoke River in North Carolina. I hope the enclosed items of information will help you educate your fishing public better. Enclosed is a sample of the deep throat dehooker I was telling you about. It is the size we use for deep hooked fish over 18". I've used it on fish up to 125 lb. (tarpon), and these things are great! You do not have to remove the fish from the water or even touch it. This company also makes another model for the lip hooked fish, which has been around for quite a while. I'm also enclosing their video they sent me. Use it and send it back when your done. The barb less hooks are the ones we use and promote. They also are a good choice. We use them to collect our specimens for our research. We never have to touch the fish until we net it out of the transport tanks to the research tanks. In warm water these procedures are critical to reduce stress and bacterial or fungal infections on the fish we use for our studies."

Russell Nelson, Ph.D.

"After recently watching Rodney Smith effortlessly release drum and sea trout using one of your Dehookers, I was very anxious to try it myself. I had the opportunity this past weekend and was pleased to find that using the Dehooker was every bit as easy as it had appeared. The device is phenomenal. We released over a dozen undersize grouper, some triggerfish, and several king mackerel in seconds without ever having to bring one aboard the boat. The lack of handling and the short time needed to dislodge the hooks - several of which were deep in the throat - reduced stress on the fish dramatically. Your tool seems to me to be the single most effective conservation device offered to the angling public in my lifetime...Your tool can let even the novice angler successfully release fish with the absolute minimum of harm. I will be a strong advocate of the Dehooker from now on, and intend to spread the word. Thanks for your great contribution to fisheries conservation."

Raymond E. Waldner, Ph.D

- Associate Professor of Biology - Ichthyologist Biological Oceanographer - Palm Beach Atlantic College - West Palm Beach Fishing Club "Every once in a great while a new product appears on the market which renders everything that came before it Obsolete. I believe your product is such a product. I've now had a chance to test the Dehookers on everything from French grunts to sailfish, with very impressive results. I'm particularly pleased that fishes can be unhooked with the Deep Throat Dehooker (NOW ARC DEHOOKER) without removing them from the water... This device can be used to dislodge a hook regardless of where it's implanted. For conservationist who want to remove hooks while doing as little damage to fishes as possible, for individuals squeamish about touching there catch, and for anglers who have to deal with toothy, spiny, or otherwise potentially dangerous fishes, your product is a must. Again, thank you for designing a high quality, greatly needed product."

Paul Leach

Leach and Associates - Recreational fisherman "It gives me great pleasure writing this letter. Your Dehookers, in my opinion, represents the best in new fishing equipment since the introduction of the spinning reel. This innovative device belongs at every fisherman's fingertips. Unquestionably, your products work great. While Dehooker allows safe release of hooked fish, it also prevents equipment loss, and my hands from the expected cuts and jabs which come with the sport... The use of your Dehooker has serious conservation implications... I wish you every success in getting your Dehookers in the hands of every fisherman."

Joe Rupp

President - Maryland Charter Boat Association "To Chesapeake Bay Anglers, As a professional fisherman I am amazed by the constant stream of gimmicks and gadgets that come along. Skepticism is automatic. The Deep Throat Dehooker (NOW ARC DEHOOKER) is no gimmick. It is the best tool I have ever used to release or unhook deep hooked fish, bar none. It should be noted however, that the instructions should be followed. It works completely different from our Chesapeake Bay dehooker. This is a must have tool for chummers or anyone who fishes with bait."

Andrew J. Kemmerer

"I wanted to thank you for leaving a number of your dehookers at the regional office so we could gain first-hand experience with the devices. Unfortunately, I have not had the opportunity yet to try out one of the dehookers, but others here who have are extremely impressed. The simplicity of the device together with the ease of use and effectiveness are the comments I hear mostly. There is no doubt in my mind that the dehookers represent an important tool. Thanks again for the chance to use dehookers."

Rolland A. Schmitten

"Thank you for the invitation to test the fish dehooking devices manufactured by your company... I am encouraged by your perceptive summary of the problems surrounding recreational fish mortality and am very pleased to learn of your efforts to develop fishery conservation products. Let me also express my appreciation for your enthusiastic participation in our program to promote the Angler Conservation Education Plan."

Ronald L. Schmeid

"I was most impressed with your new product, the Dehooker, and believe you have produced a simple. effective tool to help anglers release deep hooked fish... When committed companies like yours produce the tools anglers need to successfully release fish, you help ensure the success of marine fisheries conservation and management programs and contribute to the future vitality of the resource base and the sport. Needless to say, good fishing eventually translates into good business for the sport fishing industry."

Robert E. Hueter, Ph.D

- Staff Scientist / Director - Mote Marine Laboratory - Shark Biology Program Chairman - Gulf Coast Shark Census Tournament "As Chairman of the 1992 Gulf Coast Shark Census Tournament, the worlds only 100% catch-and-release shark tournament for research, I am pleased to designate your Dehooker as the official de-hooking device to be distributed and used in our 1992 Census Tournament... which covers 200 miles of southwest Florida coastline over seven counties... The census tournament... supports vital research programs in shark biology at Mote Marine Laboratory. Thank you very much for your interest in our efforts, and we look forward to a productive working relationship..."

Captain John O'Hanlon

April Rose Charters "I purchased your Dehooker at the Pinellas Florida Conservation Association Fishing Show. I want to let you know what a great product the Dehooker is. As a charter boat captain, the product allows us to release the fish without touching it and helping ensure a healthy fish out swimming to be caught again."

Gene Mueller

Washington Times / Outdoors "... with the Deep Throat Dehooker(NOW ARC DEHOOKER), you can imagine how you will no longer have to worry about being cut, bitten or scraped by the teeth or rasp-like linings inside the mouth of various fish species. I purchased the Deep Throat Dehooker at an outdoor show in Alabama during the recent Bass Masters Class fishing championship. With a little practice, I quickly got the hang of it and since then have released a goodly number of striped bass (rock fish) that inhaled various types of jigs, particularly the sassy shad lure that stripers favor so much this time of the year. You can imagine, with the law telling me that only one striper of between 18 and 36 inches would be legal per day during the brief fishing season, it became extremely important to be able to safely remove deeply embedded hooks."

Vin T. Sparano

Editor In Chief - Outdoor Life - Times Mirror Magazine "Many years ago, I met a charter boat captain in New Jersey who had fashioned a very effective hook dislodger from a steel rod. It worked like a charm on big bluefish, and the captains hand never touched the fish. I'm happy to report that someone finally had the good sense to manufacture it commercially. In fact, DeHooker, Inc. the builder has taken it a step further and is offering two models: The mouth Dehooker, which uses the weight of the fish to remove the hook, and the Deep Throat Dehooker(NOW ARC DEHOOKER), which will increase a fishes chance of survival."

Captain Jess H. Dick

Quality Sea Products - Commercial Longline Fisherman "During my twenty five years of being a commercial and recreational fisherman, I observed large declines in many fish species. Over the course of the years, I've used a variety of hook removers. After using the Deep Throat Dehooker(NOW ARC DEHOOKER), I've found it to be the safest, quickest and most efficient tool for the release of unwanted, undersized and protected species of fish and sea turtles. During the early 90's, while working in the Shark longline industry, I had the opportunity to release numerous loggerhead, leatherback and Kemps riddley sea turtles. These dehooking devices released hooks from the body, flippers, mouth and throat of the sea turtles without touching them and while leaving them in the water."