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    ARC DEHOOKER, INC. (ARC) is a technology, research and manufacturing company dedicated to research, development, distribution and sales of equipment technologies and educational outreach materials and programs to enable recreational anglers...
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Story About Us

Who are we?

The ARC Dehooker allows a hook to be carefully and quickly removed, usually without touching the fish or removing the fish from the water

The ARC DEHOOKER is the only tool you’ll need, with its patented pigtail design that prevents jabs, scrapes and cuts. It even saves your valuable terminal tackle.

With Us

Stop Killing Fish You Release!

I fish…allot! I catch and release a lot of fish. I also realize that some of the fish I release are not going to survive because they have been handled too roughly during the hook removal process or have simply been hooked to deeply and the damage resulting from hook removal or even leaving the hook in them will, most likely, be fatal. It bothers me as I know it does other conservation-minded anglers. Then I met Shawn and Kristen at Aquatic Release Conservation and was introduced to the ARC Dehooker, a remarkably simple tool that took years to develop...
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